INCA Networks provide excellent real-time processing of linear and multiscreen TV content, also IP video solutions that address all aspects of the next-generation video.

INCA become the member of WISI group which would share with WISI's products and platforms, INCA's product allow video operators to build complete systems and enhance the level of  video capabilities. 

INCA 自適性轉碼器3840 



INCA 自適性轉碼器3840 delivers high-quality transcoding of HD and SD services for over-the-top delivery to multiscreen devices. The 3840’s hardware transcoding provides predictable density, allowing operators to plan their projects with confidence. In addition, It contains a field- proven transcoding engine deliver beautiful OTT video using a 3rd generation. Like most of the INCA products, this model also contains the powerful VidiOS system to enchance its abilities. 


        Adaptive Bitrate Transcoding




        Pay as you grow licensing model


        All Seeing Eye Integration

High-Density Linear and ABR transcoding

INCA Modular Series 4400

The Inca 4400 Modular Series is the latest evolution of Inca’s market-leading solutions which aims to provide a cost-efficient services to deliver video to multiple devices . The 4400 Modular Series delivers superior video quality along with the flexibility to optimise video for broadcast and multi-screen distribution — and scales easily to accommodate future formats.

        Linear and Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Support            

        Multiple 1RU Chassis Options               

        VidiOS™ Stream Analysis


        Supports SD and HD Video in MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and HEVC

High-Density Linear and ABR transcoding

INCA Multiscreen Package & Origin 5420

The Inca Multiscreen Package & Origin 5420 is a carrier-grade live streaming packager and origin server which supports HD and SD MPEG-4 Stream in HLS. It segments and packages multiple streams into the most popular adaptive bitrate protocols, in the clear or encrypted using third-party Digital Rights Management (DRM) vendors.

        Multiscreen Packager for HTTP Streaming               


        Multiscreen Origin Server                 

        Award-Winning VidiOS™ Stream Analysis

High-Density Linear and ABR transcoding


All seeing eye 5420

The Inca All Seeing Eye 5420 (ASE) provides sophisticated visual video monitoring and an overview mosaic of IP video streams, giving operators the ability to check the performance of an entire headend in any web browser.

In addition, it enjoys powerful VidiOS™ troubleshooting tools with inbound and outbound video thumbnails, detailed stream statistics, including PID and payload details, warnings and errors.As a flexible IP multicast video monitor, it is compatible with any third party equipment in a headend.

       Monitor IP Multicast Video                 Thumbnail Mosaic


       Local and Remote Monitoring            Centralized Management