WISI, a member of the SRT alliance, has integrated the SRT protocol into the WISI Intelligent Headend Product family - Inca, Tangram or Chameleon. Video operators can now send or receive SRT streams using WISI products to lower latency and increase reliability.


What is SRT

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) is a video transport protocol used to deliver high-quality, low-latency video across unpredictable networks.

Secure – Protects video streams using industry-standard encryption AES 128/256 

Reliable – Recovers from severe packet loss 

Transport – Dynamically adapts to changing network conditions 



  • optimizes streaming performance across noisy or unpredictable networks while addressing security concerns and focusing on high performance video.

  • is designed to protect against jitter, packet loss and bandwidth fluctuations to help ensure the best viewing experience. This new transport protocol uses advanced low-latency retransmission techniques to protect streams against packet loss.

  • As video and audio packets are streamed between two endpoints, it detects and adapts to the real-time network conditions between the source and destination devices. SRT also supports end-to-end AES encryption to ensure streams are protected from contribution to distribution.

How does it work ? 

  • SRT ensures easy firewall traversal by using a caller/listener handshake concept. The handshaking process used by SRT respects existing security policies by allowing outbound connections without requiring, permanent exterior ports to be opened in a firewall.

  • Chameleon, Tangram and Inca support all SRT transmission modes: caller, listener, or rendezvous.

REASON why choosing SRT

Send streams securely and reliably over the internet to remote headend sites or hospitality networks

Replace expensive satellite distribution deployments to reduce costs

Replace RTP+FEC and improve overhead bandwidth usage

Leverage the internet and deliver high-quality video securely to different cities, countries and even continents

Why Choose WISI for Your SRT Project?


Option to transcode between MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and HEVC at contribution or distribution endpoint


Small footprint with power-efficient, modular solutions in 1RU


Reliable 24/7 operation thanks to quality engineering and strong North American technical support


Encryption and decryption options using Verimatrix, BISS, Pro:Idiom or Samsung LYNK


Powerful management and monitoring tools


Receive SRT streams and output as IP, QAM, Analog, ASI or SDI


Rapid configuration and deployment with an intuitive, web-based UI

Launch SRT with WISI


Use Inca for high-density video delivery between remote sites

Optionally transcode to optimize codec, bitrate or resolution of HD and SD streams

Receive full-line up at remote site for IPTV delivery


Use Tangram for high-density hospitality or edge applications

Receive SRT and output as QAM or Analog

Option to encrypt using BISS, Pro:Idiom or Samsung LYNK


Use Chameleon for lower density projects

Connect directly with broadcast sites and transport content using SRT

Receive SRT and output as QAM, Analog, ASI or SDI