Modular universal system for professional applications to satisfy all requirements of high-quality channel processing - from the CATV headend to the community antenna TV system. 


Whether it is satellite or terrestrially broadcast programs - the WISI TOPLINE HEADEND will feed them into your distribution system - in brilliant quality.   


Basic Unit

  • Basic Unit with GaAs-high-output broadband amplifier 
  • Modular system concept; Up to 10 modules per basic unit 
  • Easy configuration and expansion


Terrestrial- TV multi-standard channel conv. analog/digital 
  • Conversion of one analog/ digital TV channel into range 45-862 MHz
  • Suitable for DVB-T
  • AGC for the input level range 50 - 90 dBμV analog/ 40-80 dBμV digital 
  • Output level adjustable in the range of 74-84 dBμV analog/ 64-74 analog digital
  • High IF selection via two SAW filters, for adjacent channel operation at input and output
  • Deactivation of AGC for TV standard L.Manual gain adjustment 
  • NMS via headend controller OV51S or headend commander OV52 
Dual AV-Modulator stereo
  • Modulation of two audio signals and two video signals into two TV channels in the frequency range 45 – 862 MHz.
  • Multi-standard operation.
  • Stereo-capable vestigia sideband modulator, adjustable in 250 kHz steps.
  • Interface for audio/video with BNC/Cinch.
  • Integrated test pattern generators with two white bars and additional 1 kHz test tone.
  • Connection facility for Headend Controller OV 51 A / OV 51 S.


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