WISIon is a new and ambitious brand at hotel TV systems which was actualized within more than 20 years of experience by WISI and partners.


WISIon generates new pursuits, thoughts and products at broadcast-entertainment solutions. On that sense, our company serves the comfort of quality of system integration and technology by following latest trends and contemporary life.


TV Software Packages

WISIon produces IP based central TV systems for hotels, facilities, head offices and campuses with its IPTV (WISI IPTV), Interactive TV (WISI Interact), Video on Demand (WISI VoD), Digital Signage (WISI Advert) packets. WISIon is a private and licensed software.



Software module for management of TV channels. 

Channels can be grouped according to their categories, e.g. News, sports, music, documentary etc.

It is possible to charge for viewing of some selected channels.


WISI Interact

User interface  options in different languages

Room service orders, virtual shop, unlimited hotel info pages, bill view and flight information. 

Alert Video
Hotel info pages


Software module required for Video On Demand movies

Movies supplied with subtitles in different languages.


The hotel can set the movie prices and 

the guests can watch the movie trailer before purchasing the movie.


WISI Advert

TV or Video Broadcasting
Event Information (could update)
Dynamic Marquees (News , Wi-fi, Special information,etc)  
Weather Forecast , Exchange Rate

Contact Us


Mantenna Wisi Engineering Co.,Ltd (A wholly owned subsidary of Wihelm Sihn jr. GmbH & Co. KG., Germany)

Address. K.K Industrial Building, Block C, 1st Floor, 5 Mok Cheong Street,Tokwawan, Kowloon Hong Kong


地址. 香港九龍土瓜灣木廠街五號金賜工業大廈二樓C座

Tel/電話 : (852) 23624315
Fax/ 傳真 : (852) 27642745

Email/電郵. sale@wisi.hk 

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